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Are you in need of large volumes of Liposomal / Nano emulsions or finished goods? Then we are the correct manufacturer for you! If you are still in the formulation stages then we will send you to one of the best formulators in the world whom we work closely with. Let’s get started!

If you have a question, Oskar is happy to answer. Text him a question or to request an appointment at 619-957-1918. Get your Liposomal / Nano project manufactured in a GMP certified facility, capable of manufacturing large amounts.


We are specialists in the production and development of Nano-sized health and wellness products. We utilize our High-Pressure Homogenizer to deliver the best quality products for you. Our expert chemist is also available for formulation and will scale your formulation up for production. It’s an advantage to formulate and manufacture at the same facility because once the formulation is made it may not scale - and this saves you time and money.

Why Nano?

Nano emulsions are used when you want to increase absorption. As a rule of thumb, a nanoemulsion is up to 10X more effective than merelyswallowing a fatty drug or nutrient. Many doctors see a decline in patients when they no longer have access to nutrients delivered through an IV. They therefore often recommend Nanoemulsions. The body can absorb nanoemulsions extremely fast; the effects can sometimes be felt before you swallow! Now that’s SUPER (sublingual) absorption!

What are nanoemulsions, liposomes, colloids?


Liposomes are generally defined to be 100-1000 nanometers in diameter.


Nanoemulsions are less than 100 nanometers.

Colloid Mixture

A colloid is a mixture that has particles ranging between 1 and 1000  nanometers in diameter, yet are still able to remain evenly distributed throughout the solution. 

Is Nano Good for Business?

Yes! It makes perfect business sense to use Nanoemulsions when you are marketing high-end products that contain expensive ingredients. Besides, have you heard the term “differentiate or die”? Below we show a micelle. We build micelles when we want to make a fatty substance miscible in water.

The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) resides in the core of the micelle, with hydrophobic groups on the outside stabilizing the particle in water.

What is a Nano?

Nano is short for “nanometer” which is a unit prefix meaning "one billionth". Used primarily with the metric system. This prefix denotes a factor of 10^−9 or 0.000000001. It is often encountered in science and electronics for prefixing units of time and length.

Smaller is Better

Our State-of-the-art Nanotechnology creates millions of particles that are so small they could fit on the head of a needle. These tiny particles go right into your bloodstream to be distributed to every cell. This means your body will quickly absorb the nutrients, often bypassing the digestive system.

Our Liposomes are Built Better! 🤔 How?

Above we illustrate a liposome structured in such a way as to incorporate a water-based nutrient in the core. This could be vitamin C or any other vitamin or nutrient that is water soluble. The nano structure greatly assists in cellular penetration.

Steeper Distribution Curve

You want to provide your clients with the most reliable product. One with reliably high efficacy and potency. You get that from a product that has nanoparticles of the same size. Particle size uniformity is important because this increases absorption and efficacy.

Here is what we DO NOT DO!

Do not choose a Contract Manufacturer that uses ultrasonic emulsifiers. These shed a titanium/vanadium/aluminum alloy into your emulsion. Particles smaller than 220 nm are impossible to remove. Emulsions taste like “burnt electronics”. Plus, feeding your clients heavy metal is considered bad form!

Do not choose a Contract Manufacturer that uses ultrasonic homogenizers.

Quality is Key!

We use a high powered Microfluidizer (High Pressure Homogenizer) to create your highly absorbable nutritional products.

High Pressure Homogenizer

We use a high-powered Microfluidizer (a High-Pressure Homogenizer) to create your highly absorbable nutraceuticals. At PureNSM, we only use the best quality tools to ensure your product is the purest, most reliable, safest, effective, and potent. This process uses a 30,000 psi stream that is blasted against a bank of diamonds. As pure a process as exists in the world today.

The second vital component in making a stable and bioavailable emulsion is, of course, the Emulsifier! We have partnered with Dr. Steve Hansen and Advanced NanoEmulsions to create 4 emulsifier families. We are masters of particle size and can create pretty much whatever you wish. If you need translucency (Eg, water or other beverage applications), then we will use our G1 or G2 families to give you particle sizes below 100 nm. If translucency is not an issue then we use G3 or G4. Those give particle sizes in the range of 150 to 1,500 nanometers. All families give you a super stable emulsion that is fast acting and sure to please your clients. Dr. Hansen is available to work with you on your individual application to ensure that it meets all of your requirements. After pilot scale testing, Advanced NanoEmulsions hands full-scale production off to us.


Not all Nano Micro-emulsions are created equal!

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