Increased Efficacy = More Sales

SWould you agree that if you increase the efficacy of your product that you will sell more of it? If people really feel the effect that you are promoting, wouldn’t they be happier with their investment in your product? Even if they take fewer milligrams of CBD, they get more amazing effects!.

Easier to Digest

Not only can your customers take less CBD per dose, but their digestive system also doesn’t have to work so hard digesting it.The digestive system only utilizes about 10% or less of normal-sized CBD because the body simply cannot absorb it. Taking normal-sized CBD causes the liver to work harder to utilize the CBD and reduce its size to under 60-80 nanometers. This is because the human red blood cell is about 100 nanometers, and it can only absorb droplets that are smaller itself. Typically red blood cells can only absorb about 10% of the CBD ingested.

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Bioavailable CBD

By reducing the size of our CBD to 12 to 14-nanometer micelle droplets, we have effectively increased the potential bioavailability by about ten times (1000%). This is because about 95% of the CBD micelles can now be absorbed directly by the cells. It’s the same 100% natural CBD, just smaller. We didn’t alter the molecular structure of the CBD in any way.

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High Quality CBD Products

We only use CBD derived from reputable US hemp farmers that have a transparent chain of custody, ensuring that our raw material is organic and non-GMO. We only use thoroughly tested processing ingredients, and we perform comprehensive finished goods testing to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product.

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Higher Quality Ingredients

To create the tiny micelles, we add MCT oil, vitamin E, sunflower, and olive oil, among other food-grade ingredients. We only use food-grade, non-GMO, GRAS ingredients. WARNING: We do not advise using ingredients that are not designated GRAS.

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High Quality Equipment

The only safe way to create tiny CBD micelles is with high-pressure homogenizers such as the advanced equipment we use. We marry the technique with high-quality emulsions created from tested raw materials. WARNING: Be very careful not to use CBD liposomes or micelles created by ultrasonic machines.

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